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17 - 25 May & 11 - 15 July 2016: Proposed Road  Closures
See notice below.
Our Essex County Councillor, Jude Deakin, says, "My understanding is that the road will be accessible to residents but not as a through road. You are being asked not to park at certain times to allow the work to be done. I have however referred your concerns to the Highways Dept and await their clarification."
On 18 May the following clarrification was received from Essex County Council:
"Highways have advised that the road will be closed for through traffic, but will be accessible to residents from one end or the other depending on where the team is working.
Signs will be erected and should be a guide, but the work team on site will be able to provide advice. Due to this process requiring patching, some planeing and joint sealing work prior to the surfacing, alongside of lining and ironwork repairs, the areas of work along the road will move from day to day.
The roads are closed for the health and safety of our workforce but also to not put the general public at risk with the machinery being used on site. There have also previously been issues with our teams receiving abuse whilst on site; to eliminate this conflict we are looking at more permanent access controls which may further reduce the site specific access the resident has referred to.
Highways have also confirmed that there is an error in the last date for the micro surfacing work; this should say Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July 2016."

Road closures:
Road closures