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sharpcampaigns background

The experience of the main individual behind Sharp Campaigns, Adrian Faiers, includes:
  • author of Organisational Myths via Bookboon
  • member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • governor of an NHS foundation trust
  • mental health commissioning consultant for the NHS
  • director of a UK mental health and learning disability charity
  • peer coach, learning and skills sector
  • press officer for one of the main UK aid agencies
  • national council member of the UK's leading third world political lobby group
  • PR and international marketing director within the UK music industry
  • chemistry tutor and Oxford University research biochemist

it is of a different order to anything we
 could have done. Superb logic 

whoever decided on the wording for the 'announcement' did a very good job.  The wording was calming and positive and answered  prime concerns just at the moment

contact details

T: On request
F: 07092 233529


  • selling difficult messages
  • simplifying complex messages
  • winning recompense for poor service
  • successful letter writing
  • incisive copy writing
  • persuasive speech writing
  • winning support
  • managing expectations

Sharp Campaigns