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Welcome to sharpcampaigns

Negotiation and litigation can only go so far. Negotiation may compromise your ideals; litigation may compromise your funds.

Sharp Campaigns will help you to find a third way. We will help you to find the right strategy, the right tools and the right words to make your point.

Sometimes there's little room for compromise.

Whether fighting an establishment or fighting a cause, Sharp Campaigns will help you to win the day.


  • strategy development
  • campaign management 
  • copy writing
  • designing campaign materials
  • providing effective low cost interventions

potential clients

  • organisations with hard to sell messages
  • individuals taking on large organisations
  • individuals or organisations passionate about a just cause


In August 2011 Sharp Campaigns launched an e-publishing arm, Rapier House, with the publication of a collection of children's stories originally broadcast by BBC School Radio. The stories deal with issues relating to overseas aid and development.

A second book , Rushmore, by internationally best selling thriller writer, Michael White, was published in 2017. It is cautionary novella presenting a disturbing analysis of the current world political scene.

Rapier House is  seeking to commission accessible and engaging fiction and non-fiction e-books which cut to the heart of difficult issues and challenge established myths and misconceptions.  Synopses (not manuscripts in the first instance) are welcome at . Authors wishing to write under pseudonyms are welcome.

The owner is also the author of Organisational Myths published by Bookboon.

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whoever decided on the wording for the 'announcement' did a very good job.  The wording was calming and positive and answered  prime concerns just at the moment

contact details

T: On request
F: 07092 233529


  • selling difficult messages
  • simplifying complex messages
  • winning recompense for poor service
  • successful letter writing
  • incisive copy writing
  • persuasive speech  writing
  • winning support
  • managing expectations

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